Photography Inventory List  (cont'd)

Photographer, Primary Location
Petit, Pierre (French), studio in Paris
Pettitt, Alfred G. (British), studio in Lake District
Photoglob Ltd., studio in ??
Ponti, Carlo (Italian), studio in Venice
Poppi, Pietro (Italian), studio on Bologna
Pozzi, Pompeo (Italian), studio on Milan
Quinet, Achille (French), studio in Paris
Rive, Roberto (Italian), studio on Naples
Robertson, James (British), studios in Constantinople,
Athens, Egypt and India
Salviati, Paolo (Italian), studio in Venice
Schmitz, Anselm (German), studio in Cologne
Schroeder & Co. (German), studio in ?
Sebah, Pascal (French), studios in Constantinople; Cairo
Sebah & Joaillier (French), studio in Constantinople
Simelli, Carlo B. (Italian), studio in Rome
Sommer, Giorgio (German), studio in Naples
Soulier, Charles (French), studio in Paris
Stengel & Markert (German), studio in ?
Stuart & King (British), studio in London
Valentine, James (British), studio in Dundee
Van Lint, Enrico (Italian), studio in Pisa
Verzaschi, Enrico (Italian), studio in Rome
Wilson, George Washington (British), studios in Aberdeen & Liverpool
Wimmer, A. (German), studio in Vienna
X (a.k.a. Neurdien Freres), studio in Paris
Zangaki Brothers (Greek), studio in Port Said, Egypt
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