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Many of the photographs in the collection are unique and significant, and can be studied as historical documents in themselves for their relationship to, and influence upon, architecture and design. The creative imagination of the photographer can also be studied by comparing views in the collection showing the same building interpreted by different photographers working ten or twenty years apart as they employ increasingly sophisticated cameras and new collodion processes to develop their glass plate negatives. 

These images are not merely products of the camera, but rather the work of a photographer’s mind and his discerning eye for a memorable composition, for the play of light and shadow, and for his ability to frame an urban view that reveals much about the character of architectural landmarks in cities and towns in the 19th Century.

The excitement of discovering and acquiring an authentic print by a talented photographer has proven to be a rewarding experience for me. In many cases the images themselves have become the vehicle which I have used to learn about the building, its history and architectural style, and the intent of the architect in shaping the mass and form of the façade, in developing the silhouette of a tower, in configuring the opening of a window, the profile of a doorway, or the volume of a building element.  4 of 5

Robert G. Hill


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