Collection Description  (cont'd)

Felix Bonfils, Samuel Bourne, Adolphe Braun, Domenico Bresolin, Giacomo Brogi, Charles Clifford, Pietro Dovizielli, Roger Fenton, Francis Frith, Juan Laurent, Robert Macpherson, Charles Marville, Carlo Naya, Etienne Neurdien (ND), Antonio Perini, Carlo Ponti, Pompeo Pozzi, Achille Quinet, James Robertson, Pascal Sebah, Giorgio Sommer, Charles Soulier, James Valentine, George W. Wilson and others.

In addition, discoveries of works by lesser known (but no less talented) photographers have shed light on overlooked practitioners who may soon take their rightful place in this field of collecting that is still in its infancy. 

These include prints by the Abdullah Brothers, Edmondo Behles, Peter Bergheim, P.E. del Camino, Benjamino Coen, Auguste H. Collard, Tommaso Cuccioni, Lala Deen Dayal, Tancrede Dumas, Robert French, Frank Mason Good, Giuseppe Incorpora, Leon & Levy, Paolo Lombardi, Maurizio Lotze, Michel Mang, Mederic Mieusement, Giuseppe Ninci, Alfredo Noack, Roberto Peli, Pietro Poppi, Carlo Simelli, Enrico Van Lint, and the Zangaki Brothers.  3 of 5


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