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By applying a discerning eye toward subject matter, architectural composition, condition, provenance and overall aesthetic appeal, many of the images in the collection have been obtained from a diversity of sources including art fairs, private dealers, internet auction sites, collectors, and even flea markets. The premise behind the selection of many of these photographs has been that they are inherently works of art in themselves, and capture on paper (often for the first time) a view of a building or an architectural detail recorded with remarkable accuracy and subtlety. They simply have no equivalent in the world of painting. Following the birth of photography in 1839, the prolific output of European photographers after 1850 is a phenomenon with no precedent in the realm of art history.

The images in the collection include works by some of the leading masters of 19th Century architectural photography such as the Alinari Brothers, Gioacchino Altobelli, James Anderson, Edouard Baldus,Antoine Beato, Henri Bechard, Francis Bedford, Auguste R. Bisson2 of 5


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