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Great architecture is eternal. A great architectural photograph can capture that spirit and sense of timelessness. Monumental, breathtaking, and memorable.The passion and excitement that I have associated with collecting and studying nineteenth century architectural photographs has proven to be intellectually stimulating, emotionally gratifying, and yet sometimes puzzling. The ease with which one can find a diverse range of architectural images has, with the recent phenomenon of computer technology and internet auction sources, now made it possible for me to assemble a collection of over 900 photographs from the mid-nineteenth century. Nearly 90% of the images in the collection are albumen prints taken from wet collodion or dry collodion glass plate negatives. This process dominated the production of photographic prints from 1853 until about 1885. Virtually all of the images in the collection are 8”x10” or larger.

From the inception of this collection, it's objective has been to shed light on the new invention of photography in the mid-19th Century and to understand its role in the promotion and dissemination of architectural ideas.   1 of 5


Collection Description
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